Monday, January 23, 2012

Staying Current

When considering what I do to stay current I found that I should probably invest more time into staying current not only with productions but also with technological aspects of the film industry. Usually I stay current by finding different podcasts that appeal to my tastes in entertainment. I like staying current with a few main sources.

One of the more weekly things that I keep up with is the folks of Film Riot and Film State. Film Riot is a more technically oriented show, with varying subject matter from After Effects Compositing to basic comparison of Video Cameras and film techniques. Film State is a show focused more on coming attractions, critiques of films, and general announcements that I might miss if not for the show. I enjoy these two because of the hosts effort to make a concise infovideo. The people who put it out are also very knowledgeable in their fields. Although I would say that we hold different asthetic ideals or narrative interest, this show does help me stay on the cutting edge of news and "Indie" filmmaking techniques.

When it comes to staying current with Director-al Philosophies I would say that Kevin Smiths Podcast, Smodcast. With Smodcast you are able to hear the process that Kevin Smith goes through when considering film ideas and concepts. It is also interesting to dissect the origin of his ideas, I value this form of staying current the most because of how Kevin Smith uses his personal insights and experiences to produce his material. After being a listener to the podcast for almost a year and a half I can say that Kevin Smith might not be the most versed filmmaker in aesthetic quality in the world but he defiantly brings the kind of candid honesty that I hope my work will show someday.

Another tool that I use for staying on top of the film industry is IMDB. The Internet Movie Data Base is usually on the breaking ground of most film projects. Not only that but it is also one of the most valuable resources student filmmakers should know about in my opinion. If you feel like you have been out of step with Hollywood and even international cinema then a quick scroll through IMDB reveals a plethora of upcoming releases and possible projects to look forward too.

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